How to Track My Daughters Phone for Free?

‘Why do you want to track your daughter’s phone’ – if you observe that your daughter takes a lot of time in talking to others over the phone which looks weird to you, then you should make inquiries on what is happening and tracking her phone is the best possible solution for this. If she stays away from the family members and you are worried about her whereabouts whether she is safe or not, tracking her cell phone works wonder. There are times when you find that she is not disclosing everything to you and hides something, checking her mobile can help you be out of any doubts you may have. In such circumstances, you might like to monitor her and find out yourself whom she talks to and where she visits every day. How can I track my daughters phone? There are many ways how you can monitor all the activities of your daughters on their cell phones without their prior knowledge. You should decide to track her very carefully because it is obvious that if they know they are being monitored daily, they may lose their trust in you and this could affect your relationship with your daughter. These confusions can create doubts and lead you towards misleading things that could affect her life. 

Several mobile applications are available on the web that are helpful in tracking the cell phones for various purposes such as protecting your kids from fraudulent strangers, catching your spouse who is cheating on you and others. The tracking phone applications can also be used for monitoring your employees who are working in your office. These apps also come with the option of storing and retrieving the phone data and taking its backup. Tracing a mobile does not only involve checking phone calls but it deals with finding out almost everything on the phone about its usage such as the text messages sent and received, the videos and photos captured on the phone and the social media applications used by your daughter. How to track my daughters phone? It is as simple as installing a tracking application in her phone. People use cell phones for quite long and for various purposes. There are so many advantages of using varied kinds of features available in the mobile phones such as using mobile game applications, playing music or radio, watching videos online, entertaining yourself by watching TV shows, reading and studying online, and many more. 

Mobile phones have some in-built applications that run offline while there are many apps that run online. Most of the time people are using the mobile internet for accessing a variety of options and features available in the phone. If you do not take control of these applications that you daughter uses, she might not be using all the mobile apps and tools effectively. It could be that your daughter is missing some of the applications that are very useful for her studies and entertainment, but she is not aware of it. Track my daughters phone is thus the best way of managing how she can use the cell phone properly. Also, there are many other applications that are not useful at all and may have malware attached to them. Such apps need to be removed as soon as possible. Thus, you are required to scan her mobile phone and find out whether there are any junk applications and files stored in the phone so that you can clean them well and have the phone function properly right from the start without any issues involved. 

‘How to track my daughters phone without her knowing’ – it is possible to install the tracking applications without her knowledge and keep on tracking her about everything you want to know such as the places she visits, the websites she browses, the photos she has clicked and others. Using unsuitable and unwanted mobile applications is not good which can spoil her studies and the relationship with the family. If you have an unwanted application installed in the phone, this app may interfere with the performance of other apps and hence it would become difficult for you to run the application you want to use which may also freeze your phone. There are a lot of things that you can do with the tracking app that matters to you such as checking the call logs, time duration for which the calls were made, the textual messages that have been sent and received and others. It is also possible to use the internet and find out how it is being used for surfing the web, using online applications and others. With the help of tracking app, you can find out and save the complete history of the websites browsed by your daughter so that you can limit the usage. With these activities, you can detect if there is anything wrong going on so that you can correct her behaviours by guiding her on what is right.  


KidSecured is a smart parental control application which can be used to find out the whereabouts of your children. You can track the complete internet activity with the help of this app including the details on how she has been using the device whether it is a smartphone, tablet or iPad. You can also come to know different locations that she might have been travelling in the past. The KidSecured app comes with 33 features that are very helpful in delivering the updated data about the phone usage in real-time.  

Where is my daughter? If you are concerned about your daughter and not sure where she is on the way to home, using this KidSecured application can be extremely helpful. It is possible to watch the demo of the app from the official website. There are 3 major subscription plans that this app offers such as 1-month Starter Plan at $69.99 per month, 3 months Premium plan available at $39.99 per month and 12 months of Ultimate plan which can be purchased at $16.66 per month. If you sign up for this app, you can take advantage of many unique features. You can get amazing insights about how your children are making phone calls. By observing the call logs option, you can identify if they may not be facing any issues.

Main Features: By using the KidSecured app, you can come know if your children might be facing bullying from others and how they are interacting with others. This can help you to ensure that they are not anti-social and have all the social skills they need to live in the community. How can I find my daughter if she is travelling? It often happens that children are lost when they are playing or travelling outside and may find it difficult to identify the right path that could lead them out of the unsafe zones. KidSecured application also has the option of restricting any unwanted phone calls coming. If you have this app, you can find out the list of blocked phone numbers and make sure that your daughter may not be in contact with people from the bad group. You can get complete information that are specific and relevant to you such as the phone number, time and date of the call. By checking the phone call history, if you think that there are some unwanted phone numbers or that your children are receiving spam calls, you can block these numbers. Once you find my daughters iPhone, you can restrict all such calls and stop the unhealthy relationships someone might be trying to indulge them in. 

By using the KidSecured mobile app, you can learn a lot about the nature of communication your children have with others. You can track all the text messages they send and receive and get all the information on whether they are communicating well with others. With this, you can also possibly stop those who are bullying them by blocking their phone numbers. Other than this, you can also monitor their interests and intentions behind sending messages to others and learn a lot about their social circles. If your children are hiding something from you, you can find it out by reading these textual messages. There are many messaging applications that you can track using the KidSecured app such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Skype. Other than this, there are many other chat apps that you can monitor such as Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik and Instagram.  

Geofencing Function

How can I find my daughter? The KidSecured mobile app comes with the geo-fencing feature using which you can find out the exact places where you want your children to go and the places they need to avoid. You can categorize these locations as safe and unsafe zones. Once you have set these zones, you can the start monitoring the activities of your children and be confident about their safety. With the help of geofencing option, you can receive alerts if they cross the secured areas and mistakenly enter the unsafe zones. Upon receiving the notification, you can take immediate action to reach out to them to ensure they are safe. You can get all the alerts right into your email along with the timestamps so that you are aware of the exact time for taking instant actions. To add a new location, you can just click on “Add New Fence” and then set your desired locations. The KidSecured mobile app has the GPS functionality using which it is possible to remotely track the locations of your kids. With this feature, you can receive the geo location details of where ever they are along with the timestamps and by getting regular updates about their whereabouts, you can possibly manage your work and parenting together. 

Keyword Alert Function

There is a feature of keyword alert in the KidSecured app that allows you to set up specific words or phrases that you do not want your kids to browse the web for. With this option, you can thus narrow down keystroke searches and get all the required information which is of interest to you being the parents. After receiving the important information that matters to you, you can be aware of your child’s interests and discover their habits in a smart way because children use smartphones a lot and using the mobiles can help you find out many things about them. Just enter a keyword in the text box that you want to block access for and then click on the block option. You can unblock the restriction at any time you want.

How do I track my daughters iPhone? With the help of KidSecured mobile app, you can track the web activities of your children. You can add and check bookmarks of the websites that are important for them. In this way, you can find out what matters to them and get all the specific details on how they surf the internet on their mobiles. With the website bookmarks option, it displays the list of all the URLs along with the time and date on when your children had visited the websites. KidSecured app has the powerful feature of managing the screen time using which you can limit the time your daughter uses her phone. It is not good for your kids to use the phone every time. They need to devote more time on other activities such as studying, entertainment, playing sports, attending family events and others. You can block all the platforms that you feel are not good for your children including the applications, websites or features. 

Find My Kids – GPS Tracker

How to find my daughter? Another great mobile application that you can use to find the whereabouts of your daughter is Find My Kids – GPS Tracker. This is an excellent application which has been designed by Family Safety Production. It is one of the great parenting apps using which you can connect to your dear and near ones effectively. With the help of this application, you can receive alerts on whenever your children visit and leave for home. This helps you get complete clarity on where they are when they are travelling so that you can be sure about their safety. Using the app, you can get access to the messaging feature using which you can send and receive messages from others and stay in touch with your family. If your children have prepared a list of items to purchase, it can be shared with you and other family members using the app. 

How to track my daughters iPhone? The Find My Kids – GPS Tracker is a free mobile application using which you can quickly and easily find your children on the way. You do not need to ask where your family members are and can easily track them using this mobile application. With the help of this app, it is also possible to view the levels of their phone battery so that you are aware of whether their phone is charged or not. This application uses GPS technology which is a state-of-the-art technology useful for finding out the real time locations of your children. Using this app helps a lot in relieving the stress level and worries associated with the lost children and prove out to be a highly effective solution on connecting back to them to find them out. The unique feature about this application is the navigational assistance available in the app using which it is possible to accurately pinpoint where your missing child is.  

Find My Kids – GPS Tracker is an amazing daughter tracker application using which you can enable location sharing. With this feature, it is possible to plan when you would like to meet with your family and join them for gathering on an event. You can come to know the arrival times of everyone and hence can meet with them at a location where you want to be together. If you have been waiting for them and they are running late, you can get instant notifications to make sure that you meet with them on time. With the option of checking the battery status, you can not only observe the level of battery for just your children but all the members in your personal social circle. Using the Find My Kids mobile app, you can get information about the battery consumption level and can also find out whether your children are regularly charging their phone batteries well. If they phone battery is low, you can send reminder notification to them that they should charge their phones now. 

How can I track my daughters iPhone? With the help of Find My Kids – GPS Tracker mobile application, you can get all the real time reports of the whereabouts of all your friends and family. For this, you can just simply install the app on your phone and in your child’s phone as well. After you have registered for the app, you can see a unique icon on the map for each person you have added in the application through which you can track the location in real-time easily. You get all the information at your fingertips and receive GPS alerts whenever your children arrive at the location and leave from there. Find My Kids – GPS Tracker is a reliable phone app using which you can track not only the registered mobile devices but also smart phones and even the old phones by using the app website. This application is compatible with both Android and iPhones. Just send an invite to your friends or family members for sharing their location and start tracking them without any difficulty.  

How to track my daughters iPhone without her knowing? Find My Kids is an innovative app that offers versatile solution for monitoring the kids and ensuring their safety. This application uses GPS system keeps hold of every registered phone and uses satellites for triangulating and connecting the exact locations of every phone device in your social circle. It triangulates the position of the tracked phone ranging from every 15 minutes to a few meters. It tracks the nearby phones through the nearest phone tower and the data of cell phone carriers for determining the location of your children. Whether your daughter is using AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or any other phone carrier, the Find My Kids – GPS Tracker app is compatible with all the versions of the Android phones with version 4.4 and above. The app has been rated with 4.4 by over 15000 app users and consumes a space of 40 MB in your phone memory. 

GPS Phone Tracker

How do I find my daughters iPhone? GPS Phone Tracker is one of the best mobile applications that can be used for tracking the location of your children. It is developed by a leading track phone company called Family Safety Production. It is simple enough to track the location of your kids in real-time without any hassles involved. It makes use of GPS technology using which you can find any device which is lost or stolen. The app has been rated with 4.3 rating by more than 290000 users. It consumes the phone memory space of 40 MB and requires the Android version of 4.4 and above for it to be compatible with the app. Using this teenager phone tracker application, you can share the location of anyone you want to track. With the help of this app, you can easily interact with other users registered on the app and communicate with them effectively. 

‘How can I track my daughters iPhone without her knowing’ – using the GPS Phone Tracker mobile application, you can accurately track the location of just anyone you would like. This is a popular app which has been downloaded by over 10 million users and has received thousands of reviews. According to one of the reviews, it is quite an accurate app which runs well and has no glitch. Due to its amazing features, it has been recommended by many app users. According to another app user, it is a good application but has slight issues. It allows tracking using the Wi-Fi or data connectivity and the GPS function requires internet connection. This is a user-friendly app which has all the features you need to accurately track the phone location of just anyone you would like to. As per the review given by one of the app users, it is possible to locate and track someone even from 2-5 cars away. The GPS Phone Tracker is a great app for tracking the location of a child and works well for using the messaging applications. One of the app users has given a rating of 5 star stating that it is an excellent application which gets updated quickly. Its paid version appears to be expensive but comes with many other perks like roadside assistance.

If you are trying to find my daughter, the GPS Phone Tracker can be the best solution as it is a very helpful tool inclusive of all the features you need to track your child. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on before you start tracking someone using the GPS feature. If you are using the battery saver mode, this app will not work. The benefit of using this app is that it updates the location immediately without any issues involved and sends you a notification when the person you are tracking is in motion. So, if your child is driving, you are very much sure where they are and when they will arrive back soon. 

‘How do I track my daughters location without her knowing’ – if you are worried about your daughter and her whereabouts, tracking her with her cell phone would be the right option. Young kids and teenagers are not aware of the areas and the boundaries which makes you feel worried whether they may not cross the safe zones. Using a 360 track my phone tracking application can work out to be the right legal monitoring option using which you can find out the exact location of your kids in the real time. It is possible to track or monitor your daughter without letting her know that she is being tracked. This makes you monitor her through her cell phone easily without any disputes with your daughter. Some children do not like to be tracked and may delete the tracking application if they come to know that they are monitored every time. But the phone tracking applications run in the invisible mode and hence your children do not come to know that the app is running in the background while you can very easily track almost everything about her such as the phone calls made, the text messages sent, the media files captured and many more. 

KidSecured, Find My Kids, GPS Phone Tracker and others are some of the best mobile apps useful for you if you want to search for my daughter. These applications are not costly and can be downloaded for free from the app store easily. Tracking your child around the clock is cumbersome, especially when you are at the workplace but when you are using a spying application, you can automatically receive alerts about the real-time locations of your children without the need to do anything. You can get updates about where your kids are and hence you can be informed of when they leave the home, when they are on the way and when they leave for work. 

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